For Sale - (6) Russells Model WMD-512-105-AC

FOR SALE - (6) Russells Model WMD-512-105-AC - Temperature & Humidity Control Chambers / Refrigeration Modules

(2) Three Room Sets Available - Constructed Of Prefabricated, Insulated Panel Sections - New Cost (Not Including Installation & Inspection): $375,000

    LIST PRICE ONLY $195,000!

    Please Contact Tim Dudley @ 804-709-1954 or Carl Schmitt @ (804) 475-0676

    The room is constructed of prefabricated, insulated panel sections. The exterior surfaces of the chamber will be stucco white galvalume. The room interiors will be 20 gauge Series 304 #4 finish stainless steel. Ceiling and wall panels are joined to each other with cam locks. All cam lock and threaded rod access ports are located on the exterior of the chamber, except when exterior access restrictions require internal cam locks.

    • Full product specifications and drawings available upon request.
    • New Cost (not including installation and inspection) $375,000.
    • These units were purchased for a project that was cancelled before they were delivered.
    • There are no photos of the actual assembled units because they were shipped from the factory and put directly into storage.
    • Please note - Each room is intended to be electrically/mechanically independent, but share common walls between adjacent rooms.

    Performance Specifications:

    • Temperature Range:
      • +35oF to +104oF
    • Temperature Uniformity:
      • Uniformity of +1oF of the stabilized temperature as measured by a multipoint strip chart recorder (12 points maximum) with weighted type “T” thermocouples on a horizontal reference plane 36" down from the ceiling grid and extending to within 12" of the walls.
    • Humidity Range:
      • 50% to 90% RH as limited by a 41oF minimum dew point and a maximum dry bulb temperature of 104oF.
    • Humidity Control Tolerance:
      • ±3% RH as measured at the control sensor

    Interior Dimensions

    • 96" wide x 96" deep x 96" high, clear useable work space (each)

    Exterior Dimensions :                      

    • 25' 4" wide x 9' 8" deep x 11' 2" high
    • (Per 3-room set, including front wall control panel and top mount mechanicals)

    Refrigeration System:    

    • 1.5 hp, single stage, 100 F ambient indoor air-cooled condensing unit, refrigerant R-507, hermetic compressor

    Defrost Heaters:                                                    

    • 3.6kW

    Air Flow:                                                   

    • Approximately 1,830 SCFM via three fans housed in ceiling mounted evaporator

    Exhaust Capability:                            

    • 100 scfm exhaust blower with flange connection
    • Note:  This is a manual exhaust system and chamber conditions may be upset when actuated

    Electrical Requirement:                     

    • 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz: 30a service to room mounted panels 120 volt, 1 phase, 60 hertz: <15a service to room mounted receptacle junction boxes

    Humidity Water:                                

    • 2 gph maximum per chamber, demineralized/de-ionized water at .25 - 3.0 Mohm/cm3.


    (*) 2 rows of 3 rooms, shared common walls between rooms

    (*) 480 volt 3 phase operation (Other voltages on request)

    (*) Separation of control and power wiring

    (*) >20ka SCCR rating

    (*) Circuit breakers in lieu of fuses for any circuit protection >1a.

    (*) 4" modular construction walls and ceiling (No floor)

    (*) White stucco galvalume exterior

    (*) Series 304 stainless steel interior, 20 gauge #4 finish

    (*) Floor-less construction, includes screeds to anchor walls to concrete floor

    (1) Top mounted indoor 1.5 hp air cooled condensing units, R-507

    (1) 1,830 scfm ceiling mounted evaporator unit

    (1) 3.6kW electric defrost system with auto defrost timer & auto-resume

    (1) Condensate drain line through rear room wall to exterior, with pre-installed wall port

    (1) 2kW atmospheric vapor (steam) humidity generator

    (1) Fully integrated pre-assembled and charged refrigeration/evaporator systems

    (1) Main power disconnect switch, non-fused

    (1) Weatherproof interior GFCI duplex receptacle with exterior junction box (power by others)

    (2) Watlow PM series digital setpoint PID controllers with DeviceNet comms

    (1) Vaisala HMM100 solid state humidity sensor

    (1) Wall mount NEMA-4 rated control panel

    (1) 60" wide x 96" high hinged door with internal safety release

    (1) No door thresholds or threshold heat

    (1) 14" x 14" viewing window in door

    (2) 4' vapor tight interior florescent light fixtures with external switch

    (1) ~100 cfm exhaust blower with manual on/off switch and duct flange connection

    (1) Interior 120v/15a GFCI duplex receptacle pre-wired to exterior junction box

    (1) Sets 3" access port for fire suppression access (Suppression system by others)

    (1) of English O&M manuals including all schematics & parts lists on CD