Realtor Acknowledgement

I expressly acknowledge and agree to register the above referenced Prospective Buyer with Dudley Auctions with respect to the above referenced property to be sold at Auction on the above referenced date. It is understood and agreed that the commission will be governed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or Foreclosure Notice (whichever is applicable) as set forth online and in the information package. A commission of up to 3% of the highest offer* will be paid to the registered broker named herein if: a) this Broker Acknowledgment Form is properly completed and submitted; b) the Prospective Buyer named herein is the highest bidder at the Auction Sale; and c) the Prospective Buyer named herein as the highest bidder at the Auction Sale executes a Contract of Sale and closes on the sale of the subject property in accordance with the terms of the Purchase Agreement of Sale. Agents and Brokers acting as principals or employees, affiliates or immediate family members are not eligible for a commission. In the event that the Dudley Auctions agrees to reduce its commission to consummate a sale, Dudley Auctions reserves the right to proportionately reduce the commission to Buyer’s agent. If litigation is required to collect the commission, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs shall be deducted from the gross commission collected and the balance shall be divided proportionately. In order to be effective, Dudley Auctions must receive all Broker Acknowledgment Forms no later than 24 hours before the end of the scheduled auction date.